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Main Street Grayson

What do small business owners need more than anything? Support. Whether that is people in their restaurants, shopping in their stores, or just passing along a post on social media. In Grayson, we want to do more. We want to give our small business owners a little bump. A helpful nudge. A BOOST!


Congratulations to Subway in Grayson and Stride To Strive! In July and August, Grayson BOOST investors awarded their grant requests IN FULL!
We are currently accepting applications for December Grants ... SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 


You can find out more about the program HERE.  And if you're interested in being an investor who helps shape the future for small businesses in Grayson, please find the Investor Form HERE.  



Main Street Grayson Vision (2016-2017)

Grayson’s Main Street Program will provide an environment in which the central business district will be valued as a vibrant economic and cultural destination and a vital contributor to the community’s identity. Our downtown will improve the quality of life for those who gather to work, live, shop, socialize, dine and find entertainment while preserving Grayson’s unique assets. 

Main Street Grayson Mission (2016-2017)

Grayson’s Main Street Program connects our community through growth, opportunities, and the preservation of businesses, families and individuals.


Main Street Grayson meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Grayson City Hall.  



BOOST Initiative


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