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Grayson & Snellville team up
to ‘Give Hunger the Boot’

GRAYSON – Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s question, “What are you doing for others?” has challenged the City of Snellville to a donation-raising contest to fill the shelves of the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry, which is located in Grayson.

“I love that the challenge will benefit the Co-Op no matter who wins the count,” said Wilkerson. “Snellville’s Give Hunger the Boot program is a perfect means to make that happen. Let’s see which city can give hunger the biggest boot.”

Snellville Council Member Dave Emanuel welcomed and accepted the challenge last week and the first official face-off was at the December luncheon of Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce. Members brought more than 1200 items for the Co-Op and GECC matched proceeds with a $1000 donation.

Created by Snellville Council Member Dave Emanuel and his wife Kathy, Give Hunger the Boot, serves those who have needs in our community by collecting and donating foods and items of need to the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry, located in Grayson.

“The Co-Op will receive a huge increase in donations at a time when they’re needed most and win or lose, both Snellville and Grayson will have helped a great local cause. The Co-Op does an outstanding job helping families in the Snellville, Grayson and Loganville area Give Hunger the Boot,” said Emanuel.

The City Council and staff members of both cities are busy setting up drop-off stations for delivery to the Co-Op on January 19th. Members of both administrations will help with the deliveries and spend a day in service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

While everyone agrees that the Grayson and Snellville communities will be the big winners, according to the rules of the challenge, donations from both cities will be counted by the Co-Op and the winning city will be declared. The sister city will build a parade float representing the Co-Op and Council Members of both cities will ride on the float in the Snellville Days and Grayson Day parades.

The challenge is open to residents so anyone can participate by dropping off canned goods or dried foods at Grayson City Hall (475 Grayson Parkway), Snellville City Hall (2342 Oak Road) or any of the other drop off points established by the cities. For a list of locations and needed food items, check out the Facebook pages for Get Into Grayson and Give Hunger the Boot.

For more information, contact Snellville at (770) 985-3517 or Grayson at (770) 963-8017.

PHOTO CAPTION: Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson and Snellville Council Member Dave Emanuel have organized a canned food drive competition to benefit Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-Operative. The loser will build a parade float and Council Members of both cities will ride on the float in the Snellville Days and Grayson Day parades.


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